Source or Notable Opinion

Does the source agree or disagree with the statement?

It's possible that they may not agree with their own statement because, for example, they changed their mind or were just playing devil's advocate.


Add a source or notable opinion

Rather than arguing about what is and is not a trustable source, or which statements are opinion or fact, you should add any relevant source or person who either says that this statement is true or not true. If you really want to argue about it, you can start an actual argument, because that's actually what this website is for.

What is relevant?

A source is relevant if it is either

  1. something that is typically used to discover new information (e.g., an encyclopedia), or
  2. something or someone with relevant influnce passing judgment on the truth of a statement. "Revelant influence" in the case means that both of the following are true
    1. they have an influnce on the opinions of many people, and
    2. there is something that relates them to the issue -- at least in the minds of those they influence -- in a way that most other notable people are not related to the issue.